Tuesday, August 18, 2009

McDonalds Happy Meal Magic Snack Maker

I never had this but I wanted it really badly.  It's a good thing I didn't because I would have been cruelly disillusioned.  I was led to believe from the commercials that the burgers were REAL, MINI, BURGERS, but apparently the buns were made out of vanilla wafers and the meat was like chocolate paste or something.  The fries were white bread with cinnamon on it.  I don't like being blindsided by Sweet stuff when I'm expecting something savory.  It isn't alright.  

McDonalds food looks and tastes like cartoon food and cartoon food always looks more delicious than I could ever possibly imagine.  The pizza on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the best pizza in the world.  The cheese is always moving around.  Seriously, though, that's half of the appeal of McDonalds for me.  I wish they still had this. And fucking THIS. What's wrong with everybody anyway.  Maybe they were unsafe or something, or maybe it's cause they're not supposed to market to kids anymore, but whatever it is I'm not gonna lay down and die.  Okay Wayne.  It's bed time.  I do mind.  I mind big time.  Im never having any childrens

OH MAN I remember these too!


  1. where did you find that picture? i totally had these toys as a kid and have been searching the internet wanting to buy the set to give to my brother & sister as a gag gift to bring back childhood memories... the food wasn't so bad!

  2. hey i was looking at some of my old toys and i have that set... my children are playing with it! lol i have the pie maker the shake maker cockie maker lol

  3. It's too bad you never had this - it was one of my favorite toys. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, these hamburgers WERE savory and delicious. And the cinnamon toast french fries! Amazing!
    Some of my favorite childhood memories.

  4. i've got one now. it never worked, and it doesn't work today now that i'm all grown up. i'm gonna post a video on youtube to review this thing. it's cute and fun to have yes, but trying to actually make them was absolute hell. gaaah

  5. My daughter and I loved playng with these toys when she was little and now 11 years later my son now gets to play with them. The only downfall has been cleaning after using. We have all of them except the mcFlurry maker. LOVE THESE TOYS.